Artist: Sonata Arcitca
Supporting: Apocryphos & Light This City
Date: February 9th, 2006
Location: San Francisco
Venue: The Pound
Tour: For The Sake Of Revenge

Remarks: I love how more and more Finnish bands are coming to the US, big treat for us :) Apocryphos were okay from what i remember. I do like how they were hanging out in the front row and when it was time to start, they just hopped over the rail. Light This City was okay I guess. They’re not exactly my style, thrash-y, death metal-y. I was getting excited when I saw the singer take stage since I have a thing for female fronted bands. Then she started to warm up… by giving a nice low ‘wraaahhhh’ Took me off guard to say the least. But the crowd certainly enjoyed them. Sonata was great as expected. Lots of energy, lots of crowd interaction, and just having lots of fun on stage.

Sonata Arctica‘s Setlist:
Misplaced (In the little pause during the intro of the song, Tony jumps out and says a short little ‘Hello!’ before ‘Wooaah’ing to the song.)
Blinded No More (Went right into the next track…)
Victoria’s Secret (Usual introduction of underwear music :) I can’t help but love this song every time I hear the solo section, especially the guitar/keyboard mirroring like so:
Broken (“We’d love to play you the next song… but it’s Broken” “Fix it!” Gotta love people who randomly shout stuff from the back.)
8th Commandment
Last Drop Falls (The band suddenly shifted into reggae mode in the middle of the song which was totally unexpected and very amusing.)
Kingdom For A Heart (Weirdest. Introduction. Ever. Tony was asking us what it’d be like if King Kong got… aroused O_o Would he be like this?

No, no, like this!

Well, that would be a King Kong Hardon. Kingdom For A Heart. Close enough. I’m pretty sure Tony said “…if I only had a hardon” during that song, can’t really tell >.< But they did play a rearranged line of Letter To Dana before the last choruses.)
Weballergy (Continued right from the end of the last song.)
Tallulah (Was played faster and in a different key for some reason)
My Land (No Replica before it :( They played it with a line of I Was Made for Loving You after the first chorus. You’ll never guess what came after this…)
Black Sheep (The crowd really loved this one! Especially the solo section!)

(They said they were gonna do something special and boy were they right. They played a medley made up of of songs they don’t really play live anymore.)
The Medley
—–The Power Of One (Starting right when the band comes in through the first verse.)
—–Destruction Preventer (Beginning through the first chorus.)
—–Picturing The Past (Beginning through the middle of the solo section.)
—–The Power Of One (The solo section with the piano and ends right before the guitar solo.)
—–Revontulet (The verse parts if you can call it that?)
—–Peacemaker (Two repetitions of the main riff.)
—–False News Travels Fast (Middle part with the solos through the last “The Mirror of Tragedy”)
—–Land Of The Free (The synth-y part with the background people screaming “Hey!” Tony of course made us scream “Hey!”)
—–The Ruins Of My Life (The start of the solo part.)
—–White Pearl, Black Oceans… (Rearranged instrumental part that resembles the chorus.)

Don’t Say A Word
The Cage (After the last song, they had to go back to their cages :( The played it with that extended ending with the ‘woaaah’s and waving hands.)
Vodka (“Hey San Francisco, you guys want some ‘wodka’? Here, have some ‘wodka’!”)

Number of Tracks Per Album
Ecliptica: 4
Silence: 4
Winterheart’s Guild: 3
Reckoning Night: 3
Misc: 2 (Vodka, The Medley)
Total Songs: 16
Very balanced setlist. If you consider the melody, it’s becomes slightly skewed towards the first two albums.

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