Artist: Nightwish
Supporting: Paradise Lost
Date: November 2nd, 2007
Location: San Francisco
Venue: Slim’s
Tour: Dark Passion Tour

Remarks: Oh man, I was very nervous going into this concert. They definitely wow’d me with Dark Passion Play which I love very much, but if Anette couldn’t deliver on the older songs, it wouldn’t feel right. Yes it sucks that Tarja’s gone but there’s not much that can be done about that. I refuse to be in one camp or the other; I don’t believe either singer is “better” than the other. They both are unique and have their strengths and weaknesses. The way I see it, the soul of Nightwish is still there, they just have a new face fronting it. Not necessarily a bad thing. Anyways, we got there no-so-early and ended up way down the line right near the corner. Still ended up getting pretty decent spots, right in the middle but still towards the front.

Nightwish‘s Setlist:
Bye Bye Beautiful (After an epic symphonic intro [couldn’t quite hear it due to the screaming :S] the guys came up on the stage to much pushing and screaming. When Anette appeared, it got much worse >.< Her vocals were pretty spot on compared to the album which was nice.)
Amaranth (Damn this song and it’s catchy-ness… Crowd really got into it. Marco harmonized with Anette on “calling” right before the last choruses. The very last part sounded kinda empty since Anette was sinning the high background part but nobody was singing the main chorus. Oh well.)
Amaranth Intro:
Amaranth Ending:
Dark Chest of Wonders (Ah the first non-DPP song of the evening. Great song, not so great with Anette :( The first part lacked that big ‘oomph’ that Tarja could deliver with those short notes. The rest sounded pretty good, not fantastic though.)
Ever Dream (This is where she won me over! I love her take on this song, especially the slightly modified vocal line of the chorus. The last choruses were kinda messy, it sounded like Marco was singing the old way to match Tarja so it didn’t quite jive with Anette. Sounds like he fixed it in later performances though :)
Ever Dream Intro:
Whoever Brings the Night (Song was full of energy. Emppu showed off his new guitar with a belly dancer on it, matched the song very well. They threw in one of those fake endings too, confused everyone.)
The Islander (Everyone left the stage and for a while there was just ocean sounds playing in the background. Eventually Tuomas came out as well as Emppu and Marco with acoustic guitars. They pulled up some chairs and started with the song. Around the middle, Anette came out to sing along and was wearing a tiara. She was the “princess in the tower.”)
The Poet and the Pendulum (Epic. Epic epic epic! Very glad they played this song. It was intro’d as a song very personal to Tuomas, and the band was pretty subdued during the song. They played the first section over the speakers. Anette sang the young boy’s part in the middle. Then Marco messed up during his screaming part. He started singing the second line “Everyone must bury their own” until he realized he was wrong and started laughing and blushing. Good times. Towards the end, Marco and Emppu gathered around Tuomas and played the ending much like the demo version. Then they shared a little three way knuckle pound :D)
The Poet And The Pendulum Intro:
The Poet And The Pendulum Last Chorus:
Sahara (Anette mentioned how it was getting hot in the venue and told us it was gonna get hotter. Marco hopped on for vocals on this song as well.)
Sleeping Sun (Another classic that was done pretty well by Anette. At the part before the guitar solo, I though that Anette wasn’t going to vocalize since she paused and Tuomas started doing a little piano solo. She ended up doing it a little late. You can see me a bit confused in the video on who to focus on because of it. She it it well, but it’s not as cool as when Tarja does it though :(
Sleeping Sun Pre-Guitar Solo:
Nemo (Once again, done pretty well by Anette. She really delivered on the chorus.)

7 Days to the Wolves (Awesome song, even more awesome live. And man, Marco sure when wild on his high lines at the end.)
Wish I Had An Angel (Never really loved this song, but a nice way to end the concert. Very energetic and got everyone’s blood going.)

Overall it was a damn fine concert. It was sadly dominated by Dark Passion Play songs (7 out of 12) but the few older songs that were done were pretty good. I’m sure it was very nerve wracking for the band since this was still towards the beginning of their first tour with Anette. She definitely has potential but she still has to work on it a bit and find her grove so we can see the real her shine. It wasn’t horrible like I imagined it could turn out to be, I was very impressed though and I can’t wait till September for more :D

Number Of Tracks Per Album
Angels Fall First: 0
Oceanborn: 1
Wishmaster: 0
Over The Hills And Far Away: 0
Century Child: 1
Once: 3
Dark Passion Play: 7
Total Songs: 12
Very very skewed towards newer songs. A rather conservative move to keep Anette on familiar ground (since she recorded Dark Passion Play and sung the entire Once album as part of her audition) and perhaps to keep fans from crying fowl right away. The only song that I didn’t really enjoy that night was Dark Chest Of Wonders, it really doesn’t fit her. Also, it seemed like a short setlist but they did play a 14 minute song and a few of the others were pretty lengthy as well.

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