Artist: Within Temptation
Supporting: The Dear And Departed
Date: September 21st, 2007
Location: San Francisco
Venue: Slim’s
Tour: The Heart Of Everything

Remarks: This tour flew under my radar. I actually didn’t know they were in the US until a few days before they were playing at San Francisco. Luckily we were able to get tickets in time :) I don’t remember much about The Dear And Departed. All I remember is that I couldn’t really hear the singer much. Within Temptation was pretty good love. Sharon’s voice was spot on and she was interacting with the crowd and having fun. The other guys were just kinda chilling and grooving. The keyboardist looked bored though :(

Within Temptation‘s Setlist:
Our Solemn Hour (They modified the beginning to work it as an intro. Worked out very well, thunderclaps appearing on the back screen. Made it very epic.)
The Howling
Stand My Ground (Sharon made us scream the chorus :) )
The Cross
What Have You Done (No Keith here so we were all responsible for screaming “What have you done.” They projected his giant face on the backdrop for most of the song though.)
The Heart of Everything (If I remember correctly, this was the song where they had a giant Eye of Sauron type thing staring at us on the backdrop.)
Mother Earth (Sharon informed us that her grandmother passed away that day :( She would return to Mother Earth though.)
Angels (Sharon’s voice was perfect in this song! They had the music video playing in the background.)
See Who I Am (Lots of energy on this song. I won’t forget seeing Robert and Sharon jumping up and down on the chorus here)
Hand of Sorrow
All I Need
The Truth Beneath the Rose

Deceiver of Fools (They played the intro bit of it through the speakers with pretty much all the lights off. Was pretty intense when the band started playing again :D)
Ice Queen (I would’ve killed them if they didn’t play this one :) Loud ‘ooh-oohs’ at the beginning and lots of jumping too. Good times.)

Number of Tracks Per Album
Enter: 0
Mother Earth: 3
The Silent Force: 5
The Heart Of Everything: 8
Total Songs: 16

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