Just for kicks I thought I’d take a look at my charts for the past year and do a little analysis.

First Track Of 2009
Tarot – Back in the Fire

Last Track Of 2009
Sethian – Nothing Is True

Top Artists Of 2009
1) Dream Theater – 381 scrobbles
2) Nightwish – 381 scrobbles
3) Sonata Arctica – 354 scrobbles
4) Stratovarius – 247 scrobbles
5) Within Temptation – 174 scrobbles

No big surprise here. I’ve definitely kicked up my Dream Theater listening to a new level. It edged out Nighwish, who I consider my favorite artist, by a single track. I expected to see a little less Stratovarius who I know I’ve been listening to less and less.

Top Albums Of 2009
1) Sonata Arctica – Ecliptica – 48 scrobbles
2) Lacuna Coil – Comalies – 47 scrobbles
3) Dream Theater – Live Scenes From New York & Sonata Arctica – Silence – 46 scrobbles
5) Sonata Arctica – Unia & Queensrÿche – Operation: Mindcrime – 43 scrobbles

Definitely a close race here, all from albums I really enjoy. I didn’t expect to see Lacuna Coil up there, especially so high. I was also surprised that Scenes From A Memory wasn’t up there and instead was replaced by Live Scenes From New York. My favorite album of 2009 (which to be fair was one of a few albums I got this year), Dream Theater’s ‘Black Clouds & Silver Linings’ makes an honorable mention at number 34 with 28 scrobbles.

Top Tracks Of 2009
1) Dream Theater – Metropolis – Part I (The Miracle and the Sleeper) – 11 scrobbles
1) Dream Theater – The Shattered Fortress – 11 scrobbles
1) X JAPAN – WEEK END – 11 scrobbles
1) Dream Theater – Forsaken – 11 scrobbles
5) Dream Theater – Strange Deja Vu – 10 scrobbles
5) Dream Theater – The Glass Prison – 10 scrobbles
5) After Forever – The Evil That Men Do – 10 scrobbles
5) Sonata Arctica – UnOpened – 10 scrobbles
5) Dream Theater – The Spirit Carries On – 10 scrobbles
5) Nightwish – Dark Chest of Wonders – 10 scrobbles

Metropolis Part 1 is definitely one of my favorite tracks ever. The Shattered Fortress completely blew my mind this year; the epic conclusion to Portnoy’s Twelve Steps Suite, something 7 years and 5 albums in the making. (The Glass Prison, the first entry of the suite managed to tie for 5th as well). I feel like Week End managed to sneak up there due to it’s tendency to play on Fridays despite my usual random play alls. Also, I believe most of the plays for that song come from The Last Live album, my favorite version of it.

I must say I am very surprised that Dream Theater dominated this list and only one entry from Nightwish and Sonata Arctica made it up there. Strange Deja Vu and The Spirit Carries On may have managed to sneak their way up there due to my big binge on Scene From A Memory on its 10th anniversary.

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