Song: Dream Theater - Never Enough
Interval: Sixth
Octavarium Lyric: The calls of admirers who claim they adore /
Drain all your lifeblood while begging for more

We get an interesting peek behind the curtain of the life and thoughts of the Dream Theater members. The John Petrucci inspired track Endless Sacrifice deals with the difficulty of being away from his loved ones while touring the world. It also mentions his gratitude in their understanding and willingness to let him go out and live his dream. This time, we get to see a different aspect of performing in the band. Mike Portnoy vents his frustration at the tiny population of fans who never seem to be satisfied with how much the band gives them. Recording music and touring is not just a hobby for the band members, it's their entire way of life. It's easy to overlook how much they put in trying to create amazing music for everyone, as well as how much they have to sacrifice to maintain living in their unique positions. As Petrucci mentions in Endless Sacrifice, while the band is touring all over the world, their family may seem like worlds away. Not only that, but to have people constantly nagging at you and making snide remarks when you're already giving 150% of your energy, it can trip you up and make all the positives seem like it isn't worth it.

No matter how secure we think we are in our lives, all it takes is one well placed blow to make it feel like everything is crashing down. There will always be naysayers and people who do nothing but bring you down, so naturally it's easy to become frustrated. Every second you waste worrying about them is another second wasted. It does you no good to worry about things that are out of your control, so instead you should focus on what you can. Ignoring the problem can make it worse, so address it, but don't let it get to you or waste all your time and energy on it. If you keep your mind focused on the positives, you can rise above it and spend your time on the things that deserve it.

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