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Lost’s Ultimate Lesson: “It’s okay. You can let go.”

Below is my Master’s Thesis submission to Lost University, slightly edited for Lost’s 7th anniversary: Seven years ago, on September 22nd, 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto a mysterious island; their lives, and ours, would never be the same. For six seasons the tale of the survivors would captivate audiences worldwide. One of the ways the show managed to do so was by creating a depth to the show that reached viewers in a way never before done. On the surface was the gripping tale of the survivors following their fateful crash. The narrative follows them through every twist and...


Final Fantasy VIII – Ever Dream – Nightwish (AMV)

Clips: Final Fantasy VIII Music: Ever Dream by Nightwish Created in Sony Vegas This originally started as me learning my way around a video editing program something like 7 years ago. Eventually, I made the jump to Sony Vegas and pulled this up to work on again. I’d tinker with it on and off every so often without intending to release it. I’ve finally come to the point where I feel like there’s nothing left to do, so to give it closure, I’m sharing it with the world. From the start, I knew I wanted more than a ‘cut and...