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2014 Album Micro-Reviews

Gonna try something new this year. I’m not that great at writing album reviews, so I’ll just keep them super short! These aren’t all the albums I listened to this year, but ones that stood out to me, or ones from artists I follow closely. In no particular order: Triosphere – The Heart Of The Matter: Polished, diverse, catched, powerful; one of my favorites this year. They have found their stride and are a force to be reckoned with. Amaranthe – Massive Addictive: More diverse songs, doesn’t feel as derivative as The Nexus did. Still is catchy and has that...


2014: My Year In Scrobbles

Total Scrobbles In 2014 4341 scrobbles First Track Of 2014 Nightwish – Taikatalvi (Good way to start out the year, with Imaginaerum!) Last Track Of 2014 Ayreon – Day Twenty: Confrontation Top Artists Of 2014 1) Nightwish – 385 scrobbles 2) Dream Theater – 288 scrobbles 3) Sonata Arctica – 265 scrobbles 4) Ayreon – 241scrobbles 5) Within Tempation – 156 scrobbles Sonata and Ayreon switched back, and Within Temptation makes a return to my top 5. This means it’s just the same as 2012! Top Albums Of 2014 1) Ayreon – The Theory of Everything – 124 scrobbles 2)...


Sonata Arctica – San Francisco – September 28th, 2014

Artist: Sonata Arctica Supporting: Xandria and Delain Date: September 28th, 2014 Location: San Francisco Venue: The Regency Grand Ballroom Tour: Pariah’s Child World Tour Remarks: Having skipped San Francisco on their Stones Grows Her Name tour, it’s been a whole 4 years since I last saw Sonata Arctica. Although I was still kinda peeved that they skipped us last tour, all was quickly forgotten upon entering the venue! Not only did they come back, but they brought along my recent favorite, Delain, as well as long tenured German band Xandria. Although they’ve been around for quite some time, Xandria never...