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2012: My Charts In Review

First Track Of 2012Rush – 2112Last Track Of 2012Ayreon – Day Twenty: ConfrontationTop Artists Of 20121) Nightwish – 544 scrobbles2) Dream Theater – 321 scrobbles3) Sonata Arctica – 318 scrobbles4) Ayreon – 275 scrobbles5) Within Temptation – 257 scrobb…


2011: My Charts In Review

First Track Of 2011X JAPAN – ART OF LIFELast Track Of 2011Nightwish – ImaginaerumTop Artists Of 20111) Nightwish – 863 scrobbles2) Sonata Arctica – 508 scrobbles3) Ayreon – 492 scrobbles4) Dream Theater – 486 scrobbles5) Iron Maiden – 384 scrobblesKind…


The Human Equation: An Autograph Quest

“The Human Equation” by Ayreon has easily became my favorite album in a very short span of time. Without forsaking his trademark synthy, progressive sound, mastermind Arjen Lucassen leaves his usual domain of fantasy and sci-fi inspired albums and instead brings it down to a real personal level, all the way down to emotions. Then at the last second, it’s revealed that the entire story plays an important role in the larger picture of the Ayreon Universe. Regardless of the ties to the other albums, the ensemble cast weaves a story of mystery, love, betrayal, confrontation, inner struggles, and most...


The Human Equation: Autograph Quest

It started when I got a signed copy of The Human Equation by Arjen Anthony Lucassen:IMG_0453 by jukkakhan, on FlickrAnd last night, I added Devin Townsend:IMG_0741 by jukkakhan, on FlickrTwo down, nine to go!Next up: Mikael Åkerfeldt


Day Twenty: Confrontation

Ayreon – Day Twenty: Confrontation (Lyrics)"Rise up and show the world you can be a better man"After twenty days, trapped in his mind learning from his emotions, learning and letting go of his past burdens, and confronting himself, Me finally…